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09 APR

The Image of the Pork Sector: The Perfect Summary

Our first series of webinars focused on the image of the pork sector from all angles: national and international images, from the perspective of associations defending animal rights…

Everything you need to know about how we are viewed from outside the sector, how we can improve this image, and the best way to do it, we share here. Find the answers to these questions in our various webinars.

The most reputed experts shared their knowledge and opinions with us. We are proud to have had such exceptional guests.

Enjoy Your Favorite Webinars

This summer, you can continue to educate yourself and learn new things about our sector, take the opportunity to rewatch our webinars:

Don’t get sidetracked, we will return in September with new and exciting topics related to the pork sector.

We will continue to face the challenge of improving society’s opinion of the pork industry by improving communication about our sector.

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