Koldo Royo: Del fogón al feed, cocinando calidad en redes
10 APR

Discovering the Flavors of Mallorca with Koldo: A Culinary Journey

In our ongoing exploration of gastronomy, this time we head to Mallorca to meet Koldo, a renowned chef and prominent figure in the culinary social media scene. His cooking workshop in Mallorca provided the perfect setting for an in-depth conversation about Spanish cuisine and the importance of properly valuing and marketing our products globally.

Koldo: Innovation and Tradition

Koldo shared his journey of constantly reinventing his cooking while staying true to his roots. From opening the first online cooking portal to adapting to current trends, he emphasized the importance of being dynamic and open to new challenges in the culinary world.

Valuing Our Products

The discussion delved into how Spain, despite its culinary richness, still needs to make its products more accessible and appreciated on the international market, much like Italy and France. Koldo stressed the need to diversify our offerings, not just focusing on high-end products, but making them a part of everyday global life.

Lessons and Future

This meeting not only enriched our palate but also left us with valuable lessons about the passion for cooking, the importance of authenticity, and the need to share Spain’s gastronomic wealth with the world. Inspired by Koldo, we move forward, eager to discover and share more culinary stories.




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