Alimentar el mañana: Isabel Rodriguez
10 APR

Veterinary of the Future: Adaptation and Technology in the Veterinary Field | Isabel Rodriguez

In a recent episode of the podcast “The Farm On Air”, we had the privilege of speaking with Isabel Rodríguez Hurtado, renowned for her role as Dean at the Veterinary Faculty of Alfonso X University. Isabel, a young and dynamic figure in a role traditionally associated with more seasoned profiles, shared her insights on changes in the veterinary profession and how technology is redefining the field.

Redefining Roles: A Young Dean in Veterinary Science

Isabel stands out for breaking molds on her way to the deanship, demonstrating that youth and innovation can coexist in academic leadership roles. Her experience underscores a transformation in the perception and structure of veterinary education and practice, driven by an institution that merges academia with business dynamics.

Challenges and Opportunities: Veterinary Science in the Face of Technology

The conversation delved into how to prepare future veterinarians for a world where technology, sustainability, and food safety play crucial roles. Isabel emphasizes the importance of exposing students to technology from the beginning of their training, preparing them for a constantly evolving work environment.

The Veterinarian of the Future: Versatility and Social Awareness

Looking ahead, Isabel reflects on the challenges that new veterinarians will face. These professionals will need to quickly adapt to social and technological changes while maintaining a commitment to sustainability and food production. The ability of veterinarians to positively influence how we live on this planet and how we feed its population highlights the relevance of their role in society.

A Call to Innovation and Responsibility

This podcast episode not only highlights Isabel Rodríguez Hurtado’s inspiring journey as a dean but also puts into perspective the indispensable changes in veterinary education and practice. Future veterinarians face the challenge of integrating technology and sustainability into their daily work, showcasing the essential role of veterinary science in global health and food security.
We bid farewell to Isabel with the certainty that her leadership and vision will continue to drive positive changes in the veterinary profession. Her story is a testament to the power of innovation, education, and social commitment in shaping the veterinarians of the future.




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