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23 JUN


Could we do without stockbreeding?

Second webinar on proteins. This time it is devoted to animal protein as an indispensable industry.

The “Estrategia España 2050” (“Spain Strategy 2050”) has put the stockbreeding sector under the spotlight. We are attacked without scientific grounds, and opinions and knowledge get mixed up.

To shed some light on this matter, we count on:

Dr. José Miguel Mulet Salort (Professor of Biotechnology at the Polytechnic University of Valencia)

Mr. Juan Pascual (Vice President of Elanco France and Iberia)

And as the hosts of the webinar we have, as always:

Mr. Miguel Ángel Higuera (Director at Anprogapor)

Mr. Miguel Chico (CEO at The Farm Revolution)


Stockbreeding has been present for 10,000 years, and it will go on for 10,000 years more. The nutrients provided by animal proteins cannot be completely replaced by plant proteins, because sometimes their minerals are not absorbable or bioavailable.

Accoding to data provided by the FAO, 86% of what the animals eat are plant remains that are not consumed by humans (e.g.: rice straw). Therefore, they have a recycling and eco-friendly role, and 50% of the fertilisers used in the world derive from animals.

Pig farming also provides us with other kind of products: adhesives, antifreezers…, and some of them are very important for health, such as heparin.

It aso takes care of ecosystems such as the dehesa, the Argentinian pampa, fish farms (that avoid that the fishing of wild species increases)…

Above all, it is a way of making people remain in the rural areas and avoid their depopulation.




The debate

The European public opinion is against large farms, and therefore production is offshored outside of Europe, so we will end up consuming products from these farms, whose traceability is not monitored so closely as in the case of the European farms.

The technology of genetically modified organisms was discovered in a European university, but it was not acccepted, and now we are importing and consuming maize and soya beans shipped in vessels from the USA, Argentina, Brazil… We are losing this race.

What do we want for the countryside in Europe: that it carries on being an economic activity or that their people live off rural tourism because we will not allow them to produce anything?


Our sector is doing its homework and the animals have better welfare conditions, they are healthier and they contaminate 30% less than 20 years ago.


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