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06 SEP


Latin America is already a model in our sector 

Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Chile… They have the resources, technology and workforce to become leaders in the global pig production sector.

To know about the cooperation and production strategies in Latin America, we had the pleasure to count on:

✅ Mr. Jorge Iván Espinosa Vázquez (Coordinator of OPORMEX’s Technical Board)

✅ Mr. Heriberto Hernández Cárdenas (President of OPORMEX)

✅ Mr. Reinaldo Cubillos ( General Manager of 333 Latin America)

And as the hosts of the webinar, as usual:

✅ Mr. Miguel Ángel Higuera (Director of Anprogapor)

✅ Mr. Miguel Chico (CEO at The Farm Revolution)





The debate


For the first time in Latin America, a market research has been carried out to know how the 10 last years (2010-2020) of pig production in the area have turned out to be. A great piece of work performed by Reinaldo Cubillo’s team of 333 Latin America.

Ecoonomic analysis of pig production in Latin America – 2021


Latin America represents 10.23% of  the value of the world exports. The 3 countries that lead the exports are: Brazil in the first place, Mexico in the second place, and Chile in the third place.


What is the current situation of Mexico?


Mexican pig production has learned that it is part of a global market, and that it should go for the export market with an added value (like the Japanese market) and be competitive with the marketable cuts. This is what has allowed the growth in the last 10 years.

Mexico managed to combine markets and be competitive at the exports level.

This growth has also been helped by the meat consumption in Mexiico. Before the pandemics, this consumption was of 19.5 kg per capita. Pork consumption in Mexico is mainly as fresh meat (40% of the total).

Mexican pig production has and increasingly better technology and equipment to guarantee the exploitation of the resources, integrating them into a circular economy that makes the sector much more sustainable.

Will ractopamine be banned? Will the EU become an importer of Mexican products?… Find out the answers to these questions in the webinar.



The image of the sector


The image of the sector is all-encompassing for all the pig production in Latin America.

Stockbreeding is one of the few regenarative human activities. It is not only an extractive action. It also provides resources to the environment.

The pig industry knows how to control diseases and how to take care of animals, but it has not learnt to inform society properly yet. This is why it i very important to communicate how well things are done in the pig sector and how proud we are to work in it.

The future of the industry lies in that all of us (from the smallest farm to the largest integration company) set ourselves to inform about what we are doing.



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