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EU Shelves Animal Welfare Law | Miguel Ángel Higuera

Sustainability and Challenges in Agriculture: Javier Garat’s Perspective

Miguel Ángel Higuera, a prominent leader in the agri-food sector, shares his perspective on the challenges and opportunities in the industry, especially in the context of livestock and biotechnology. And how the risk of food supply has led to the EU halting the animal welfare law.

Adaptation and Challenges in the Agri-food Sector

Miguel Ángel explains how the sector has had to adapt to numerous challenges, especially in the context of environmental regulations and animal welfare. A recent FAO study estimates that global meat demand will increase by 15% in the next decade (Source: [FAO](, highlighting the need to balance sustainable production with market demands.

Inflation and Food Security: A Delicate Balance

The impact of inflation on the agri-food sector is a growing concern. Food security in Europe is under pressure due to tensions between environmental regulations and production needs. According to Eurostat data, inflation in the Eurozone reached a record 5.0% in December 2021, reflecting the direct impact on food prices (Source: [Eurostat](

Innovation for Sustainable Production

Miguel Ángel highlights the importance of innovation in agri-food production. A report from the European Commission indicates that the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices can increase production efficiency by up to 35% (Source: [European Commission](

The Future: Adaptation and New Challenges

Looking to the future, Miguel Ángel discusses the need to continue adapting to new global and European challenges. An OECD report suggests that innovation and technology will be crucial to addressing future challenges in the agri-food sector (Source: [OECD](

Conclusion: Towards a More Sustainable and Efficient Sector

Thus, the progress and competitiveness of the agri-food sector depend on a balanced approach that combines environmental, economic, and social sustainability with efficiency in processes. By addressing these aspects jointly, a more prosperous and sustainable future for this crucial industry can be ensured.




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