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09 APR

Webinar ‘The Image of the Pork Sector: The International Narrative’

In our 4th webinar about the image of the pork sector, we focused on the international narrative.

How is the sector’s image perceived around the world? What is the opinion of us in Latin America, Asia, and Europe?

As is the case in Spain, the image that consumers have of the sector often does not match the reality. This situation frequently causes the stalling of livestock projects and consumer mistrust.

That is why we want to transform this image and to do so, we must all work together in the same direction, because together we are better.

Industry Professionals

We were fortunate to have 3 professionals from major companies in the sector:

  • Rafael Pedrazuela: Global Technical Director at EW Nutrition.
  • Wilson Pineda: Commercial Director for PIC in Southern Europe.
  • Óscar Eusebio González: Senior Advisor at Biogénesis Bagó.

They gave us their personal and professional views on how this issue is experienced outside our borders.

Rafael discussed the situation in Asia, Óscar in Latin America, and Wilson in Europe.

What does “image of the sector” mean, is it the same in all regions? How do other countries face this issue? What can we learn from them? Are there improvements that we can apply nationally?

The transportation of raw materials, deforestation, mega farms, biosecurity (ASF, zoonoses, etc.), all affect the image that the sector projects.

That is why it is important to deeply understand the terms we are working with, to be able to properly communicate the image of a sector we are very proud of.

Complete Video

The complete video of the webinar is now available. Listen again to the opinions and advice from the most distinguished professionals in our sector.

Stay tuned and do not miss our next free webinars on the pork sector and “One Health”.

Did you attend our last webinar ‘The Image of the Pork Sector: An Institutional Perspective’? Retrieve it here.

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