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09 APR

Webinar ‘Integration Model. Livestock Collaboration’

What is the integration model?

Integration is a business model that consists of two parties: an integrator and an integrated:

The integrator owns the animals and provides the feed, veterinary medicines, genetics, insemination, and technical knowledge…

The integrated is the farmer, the owner of the farm. He possesses the structure where the animals, materials, and services needed to feed them arrive, which are provided by the integrator, with the aim of fattening or reproduction. The integrator provides qualified labor to care for them, manage the by-products they generate…

They are united by a contractual relationship in which both seek the same thing: to achieve more efficient and better production with the resources each one contributes.

This model seeks the gain of both parties in the production of pigs, a win-win.

In summary:

The integrator provides the animals, the means of production, and the services agreed upon in the contract.

The integrated provides the facilities and the other goods and services necessary for the activity and commits to the care and maintenance of the livestock.

It is a distinctly Spanish success model that has made our sector a world reference.

The Guests

In this webinar, we had 3 great professionals from the sector:

  • Jaime Chico – CEO of Agroalimentaria Chico offering the integrator’s perspective.
  • Alberto Pascual – CEO at Kerbest sharing his opinions as an integrated.
  • Miguel Ángel Higuera – Director of Anprogapor as moderator.

It was a very interesting debate in which the relationship between integrator and integrated was discussed from different viewpoints:

Why are you an integrator instead of integrated? Points for improvement in the contractual relationship: digitalization of workplaces, animal welfare, sector image, greater training for workers, and full professionalization of the integrated… Why has the integration model not been exported?

Integration is a model of competitive growth, in which both support each other achieving efficiency and competitiveness that make us leaders at a global level.

This model provides simplicity in the productive structure. Sharing investments in farms with integration entrepreneurs allows integrators to have flexibility when facing new investments and diversifies risks for both the integrator and the integrated.

Watch the Webinar Again

Deeply understand the integration model with our webinar.

Next week we return with a webinar on ASF and the repercussions of its appearance in Germany. A current issue that concerns us all.

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