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01 JUL


In our 4th webinar on the image of the pork sector, we have focused on the international account.

How is the image of the pig sector perceived worldwide? What do they think about us in Latin America, Asia, and Europe?

Just like it happens in Spain, the consumers’ opinion does not frequently match reality. This situation usually causes the interruption of stockbreeding projects and the consumers’ mistrust.

Because of this, we want to transform this image, and to this end, we must all work in the same direction, because together we are better.


Professionals in the pork sector

We were lucky enough to count on three professionals that are representatives of great companies in the pig sector:

  • Rafael Pedrazuela: Global Technical Manager at EW Nutrition.
  • Wilson Pineda: Commercial Director of Southern Europe at PIC.
  • Óscar Eusebio González: Senior Advisor at Biogénesis Bagó.

They offered us their personal and professional viewpoint on how these difficulties are perceived abroad.

Rafael told us about Asia, Óscar about LatAm and Wilson about Europe.


What is “the image of the sector”? Is it the same in every region? How do they face difficulties in other countries? What can we learn from them? Are there improvements that we could implement at a national level?

The transport of raw materials, deforestation, megafarms, biosecurity (ASF, zoonoses…), they all affect the image transmitted by the sector.

Because of this, it is important to know in depth the terms we are considering in order to be able to transmit well the image of a sector we are proud of.


Complete video

The complete video of the webinar is now available. Listen again to the opinions and advice of the best professionals in our sector. So far, the audio is only available in Spanish.

Be on the lookout and don’t miss our next free webinars on the pig sector and “One Health”.

Did you attend our last webinar (“The image of the pork sector: an institutional perspective”)? Watch it again here.


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