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19 AUG


What is One Health?

We people and animals share the same space, and because of that it is very important to take care of both animal and human health, because there are infectious mechanisms that affect us both.

Several diseases, such as Ebola, rabies, listeriosis, and now Covid-19, have an animal origin.

Due to this pandemic, the One Health concept is a hot topic.

One Health is a worldwide strategy based on the interdisciplinary collaboration in order to take care of people, animals and the environment, because they are all interconnected.


At The Farm we stand up for the need of a One Health approach to prevent, manage and control diseases in humans and animals, therefore protecting the environment.


The veterinarians

The health of animals ends up affecting that of humans directly, and vice versa. Because of this, veterinarians play an essential role in the control of the risk of the transmission of diseases from animals to humans (zoonoses), both directly (through contact) and indirectly (through food).

They take care of our animals’ health, therefore protecting the health of us all.

The One Health strategy is based on improving the interdisciplinary communication and collaboration between doctors and veterinarians regarding the healthcare of us all and taking care of our environment.


At The Farm we defend a single health for the environment, animals and people. Because of that we are giving a series of webinars with veterinarians and renowned professionals that will help us to understand and implement the One Health concept.


Carry on learning with our webinars

Take advantage of the summer to watch the webinars of the “One Health” series and learn more about the control of pandemics and African swine fever.  So far, the audio is only available in Spanish.


The medical and veterinary collaboration in the Covid pandemic times


A view about African swine fever


We have more webinars ready for September that will deal with hot topics in the sector and that will count on leading guests. Don’t miss them!


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