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31 MAY


Holistic view of the pig sector

The image of the pig sector is increasingly important for our consumers, and because of that, it is necessary to know its most relevant aspects from all the viewpoints.

In our “Image of the pig sector along the value chain: a holistic view” webinar, we talk about the sector in a global way: from the production chain to the environment, going through the drop in the use of antibiotics and the commercialization of pork and its prices.


Threats to the sector

To know which are the threats to the sector, The Farm, together with The Pig Academy and 333 Corporate, have, in this webinar, counted on professionals as renowned as:

As experts in the pig sector beyond livestock production, they answered questions as interesting as the following:

Is the general perception that we take good care of the pigs? How does the image of the farms affect the commercialisation of the products? Does the consumer understand what is being done and how the work is carried out on the farms? Must the livestock industry be more proactive, setting dates for the reduction in the use of antibiotics or in the amount of emissions?

In conclusion, the goal is to normalise again the vision that the cities have of the countryside to revert the “damaged” and “biased” image that the sector so unfairly has.

If all the actors work together, we will undoubtedly succeed.


Watch our “Image of the sector along the value chain” webinar again

Here you can hear the expert opinions of our guests again and know more about how to fight the threats faced by the sector. So far, the audio is only available in Spanish.

Do you agree with the suggested solutions? Do you think that other actions should be chosen?

Keep on the watch and do not miss our next free webinars on the pig sector.

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