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31 MAY


The image of the pork sector

We have devoted our second webinar to the image of the pork sector. The pig industry is a safe haven, a sector that keeps people in the rural areas and creates many jobs. It has also become an essential sector to guarantee the supply of essential goods, as we have seen during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Farm was born with a specific purpose: to help to improve the opinion of the society regarding the pig sector and its professionals. We want to refute myths to fight the threats that surround the sector. Our agency, together with 333 Corporate and The Pig Academy, want to face this challenge, but we need the help of all the sector.


The webinar’s structure

Matters that are very important for the current situation of the industry were tackled:

  • The sector’s image: What do we consider image to be? Is the image important for the growth of consumption of this sector’s products?
  • The Spanish pig sector in the world: What is happening and how are we judged abroad?
  • Model for the future: Must we keep growing? Is it preferable to improve what we already have?

We must be proud of the rural areas and of our farms, and we must learn to pass on that.

In order to do that, we count on 3 great experts:


Watch our “The image of the pork sector” webinar again

Enjoy the webinar again here. So far, the audio is only available in Spanish. And you? What is your opinion about the pig sector’s image? What do you think that is required to improve it?


Be on the lookout and do not miss our next free webinars on the pig sector.

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