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09 JUN


The institutions must collaborate to solve the problem regarding the image of the pork sector in the society, as it has been shown in our webinar.

Our mission is to achieve a good communication. If we, all the actors in the sector, come together, we will be able to turn our image around.

We are facing the challenge of explaining to the society the great task carried out by the pig industry. If we do it well, we will get to change, little by little, the perception of the public opinion with respect to us.

To face this challenge, in our third webinar regarding the image of the pig sector, we have three exceptional guests:

Mr. Manuel García: President of Interporc and Manager at Grupo Vall Companys.

Mr. Pablo Bernardos: Deputy Director of Agricultural Productions and Markets of the Ministry of Agriculture of Spain.

And as the moderator: Mr. Miguel Ángel Higuera, Director of Anprogapor.

Unfortunately, Ms. Esperanza Orellana, Director General of Agricultural Productions and Markets, was not able to participate in the webinar due to personal reasons. We hope to count on her presence in the future.


Institutional collaboration

In the words of Mr. Manuel García: “We must transmit the pride of being part of the rural world, of being part of a sector that provides so many benefits to the society”.

What actions must the sector carry out so the administration can help us? How can we solve the problem of our bad image?

With these questions on the background, the debate went on connecting issues relative to the collaboration between the public administration and the rest of the institutions to face this challenge.

The following matters, among others, were tackled:

– Animal welfare. The link between intensive farming and overcrowding and the step forward taken by Interporc with the “INTERPORC Animal Welfare Spain” Regulation.

Listening to the animal rights organisations and to people with different feelings helps us to understand how they see us and which aspects we can improve.

– The sustainability of the sector. Our image is linked to the care (or not) for the environment. What can we do to show to the society that we are a sustainable industry and that we are committed to the reduction in the carbon footprint? As Pablo Bernardos said: “The contribution of the pig sector to the greenhouse effect gases is approximately 2%”.

Processing of the slurry, change its perception as a waste to close the circle of the circular economy.

– Training of the farmers. Technification and dignification of the sector.


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